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What are the Effects of Cloning?

Cloning has affected things where many around the world. One of the affected things are that cloning has caused many types of societies around the world to be gripped by debates over the ethics of cloning. (The Ethics) These debates are well founded. Because the ethics of cloning are very important issues to most people around the world. The reason for the debates is that cloning can effect the world in a negative way or positive way. So it needs to be carefully debated before it continues. Or it could drastically effect the world badly.

A major affect cloning has had on a lot of people is that they are really bothered about the idea that cloning is now possible. (Cloning) The reason cloning has bothered people so much is because this new technology will affect everyone not just a handful of people. Because it affects the whole world most people still have to make up their mind up about how they feel about cloning.

Another thing cloning has affected is the unbalance of several governments. (The Ethics) Cloning has unbalanced them by causing arguments about what steps should be taken to prevent human cloning research, or at least government funded research. (The Ethics) But this is only a prevention for human cloning research not animal cloning research. So the only thing the government is worried about now is human cloning. But animal cloning is still okay with them. (The Ethics) This is unacceptable, because if the government wants to stop one cloning they should stop it all together. Not just pieces at a time.

One other effect of cloning is that if the cloning of animals where to go on then world famine would fizzle and go away. (Survey) This is one of the good effects of cloning. But the problems that have been discussed earlier would be in full rampage. People would like that famine is gone but they would be scared that science animal cloning is perfected then what would stop scientist from cloning humans. (The Ethics)

When the people of the US started to argue about the ethics of cloning and if it is right to clone humans. So president Cliton issued orders that no “federal” dollars could be spent to attempt to clone humans. (Man) This meant that scientists with the goal of cloning a human would not come true. Ian Wilmut is now in a hole because he has to find funding from another source other then the government. This has made the goal of cloning humans even harder. (The Ethics)

One last effect cloning has caused is a very interesting one. Scientists hypothesize that if you could clone a human sexually transmitted disease will not occur. (The Ethics) The situation in which this would be used would be if two parents had a recessive gene. (The Ethics) Then scientists could clone one parent so that the offspring would only have the one recessive gene and it would not have the disease. (The Ethics) This would cause most disease that are on the X chromosome would never occur. (The Ethics) This could make it where more children would be born with no disease.

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