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Why is Cloning a Problem?

Every one has heard of cloning. But cloning unlike other issues has caused a public up roar that has spread throughout the world(The Ethics) At first cloning was just thought of as not possible. But when Scottish scientists artificially created a sheep from a cell of another sheep, people got scared. (Cloning) When people are scared they make foolish decisions. Decisions like the only way to stop cloning is by violence. But that is only one problem cloning has caused.

Another problem cloning has caused is arguments between a lot of people. (The Ethics) They argue about weather there may be compassionate and ethical reasons to allow cloning. (The Ethics) Most scientists have said good reasons for cloning. (The Ethics) But the religious people are bringing up the ethics of cloning. (The Ethics) They keep saying it is against religion and should not be allowed. But the scientist say that it could help the human race. By helping cure certain diseases and so on. Cloning has separated the religious and sciences part of the community. Which has caused a lot of protests and riots in most of the communities around the world.

One other problem with cloning is how people are accepting it. (Cloning) “People are not accepting cloning as well as they have from past developments.” (Cloning) Says Arash Bayatmakou from Berkeley High school. (Cloning) Most people would agree with Arash. Because of when the development of computers started people where scared at first. But over time they accepted it. But when the idea of cloning came out it made people scared. (Cloning) Because cloning was science fiction but it has just been thrown into the realm of science fact. (Cloning) This makes people think if one science fiction idea can become science fact then maybe all the other ideas can to. This makes people very nervous.

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